Bettona Crossing ENG



A wonderful and spectacular trail run in history.
A journey from the Etruscans to the Renaissance, with starting and finish line from Bettona, one of the most beautiful and evocative villages in Umbria, between Perugia and Assisi.

Single tracks, woods, paths, olive groves..100% clean air. Where the asphalt ends, the adventure begins!

Three distances:
50KM (1960 D+)*
20KM (870 D+)
12KM (600 D+)

*Bettona Crossing 50KM: 2020 UTMB Qualifying Race 2 ITRA Points.

A path so beautiful that it eliminates fatigue.

150 volunteers, along the way, at the start and at the finish line, ready to support you and welcome you with a smile. You will never be alone on this journey into the heart of the Renaissance. Every detail will be taken care of, in full respect of the surrounding environment.

A path will guide you, marked by colored arrows such as volunteer t-shirts.
There will be six refreshments for Bettona Crossing 50KM (three for the 20KM and two for the 12KM) which will make your run less tiring.

Please for fore information do not hesitate to contact the organization:
Il Perugino Running Club – cell +39 335 6247018 – email

We are promoting a region filled with immeasurable naturaltreasures, history, and art that the whole world knows and yearnsfor. It offers millions of people in the world, who have made sport part of their daily lives, the opportunity to cultivate their passionfor outdoor activities.
Bettona Crossing will not just be a simple athletic gesture.
Coming to Bettona will nurture the mind as well as the body. Cherished locations will enhance the content, form and quality of Bettona Crossing’s programs which are ambitious and complete thanks to the structure and the infinite synergies that our region, with its magnificent surroundings, gives us.