Leonardo superhero

Cancer Man; the new living, breathing superhero.

Ironman, Spider Man and Superman are all remarkable superheroes and, of course, they are fictional characters.

Leonardo Cenci (Leo) or Cancer Man is a living, breathing superhero! Even with four metastasis in his lungs, two in his bones and 11 in his brain he is ready to run his second New York Marathon, back-to-back (2016 and 2017).

His is a superhuman mission: To send a message of enduring hope, joy and fortitude in the face of an overwhelming adversary.

In 2012, oncologists diagnosed Leo with a form of untreatable and inoperable cancer. They gave him few months to live. Since then his life has changed. As much as Leo does not like living together with his unwelcome guest, he is living a heroic life!

In the footsteps of Fred Lebow, with tenacity, determination, rigorous training and a spirit of sacrifice, Leo’s dream is to cross the finish line on November 5th 2017. If he completes the 42,097 KM running, Leo will be the first man on earth, who has completed two New York Marathons with an ongoing cancer.

Where does Leo find his superpowers? Leo finds them through personal authenticity, a sense of humility he learned from his parents, a deep faith in an all-powerful God and running. His life is a full-blown mix of pain and pleasure: from the time he wakes up, gets off the bed, goes to the bathroom, gets dressed, goes to the gym, visits doctors, endures the chemotherapy and runs the thousand miles to get ready for marathons, his life never stops.

The world needs to recognize these unrenowned people, who are the real superheroes in the world. They are a testimony that life needs to be lived to the fullest; the roadblocks during this journey are not an end but a new beginning.

We: Antonio, Chiara, Luca and Marco are proud to be Leo’s friends and to be supporting him during his second New York marathon. Together we decided to film ourselves running in some iconic locations of our beautiful region, Umbria, the green heart of Italy, where Leo does his training.

We will present this amazing clip “Umbria runs with Leonardo” at the Italian Consulate on November 2nd 2017.